Photography captures a moment and this will be your memory of a project for years to come.

I am a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia who specialises in photographing architecture and interiors.  Yes, I have an obsession with property.  Having lived a lifetime in the area of property, from simple things like reading through Home Beautiful magazines in the 70s as a child, to tagging along with dad to his Real Estate office, to going onsite at building constructions. Later, working for Amex Travel in Hotel Reservations and then in later years becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent.  All property related, but here’s the thing. It was the images that attracted me.  The photography is what tells you a story. This is what attracts you to keep looking, ask questions and want to find out more.

Working alongside and training with renowned photographers Australia wide and having produced photography for a variety of clients for so many years, I understand that every project is different in so many ways and circumstances.  I take notice of the characteristics and the feeling that each project possesses. The aesthetics, the craftsmanship, the concepts, the finer details and the liveability.  There are many aspects to work with and consider.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please contact  

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